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  • Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete

    Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete

    This is the Condor Bushcraft Parang. It's a durable machete with a strong heavy blade that cuts like a hot knife through butter. The blade measures 13" and is made from German 1075 high-carbon steel,...

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  • Condor Cloudburst Axe

    Condor Cloudburst Axe

    The lovely Condor Cloudburst Axe is ideal for a multitude of outdoor bushcraft tasks. It does everything that a woodsman needs such as splitting firewood, felling small trees and campfire craft. It...

  • Condor Golok Australian Army Machete

    Condor Golok Australian Army Machete

    This is the Condor Golok Australian Army Machete and let's just say what a beautiful machete it is. It's lightweight and it packs a punch so it'll breeze through wood all day long. The...