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Knives & Tools

  • Commando Wire Saw

    Commando Wire Saw

    BCB's Commando Wire Saw with rings is a very popular, patented product. The tightly woven (8 wire) stainless steel saw offers a good life span and reduced weight.  The original and still the best wire saw available Can be used for escape and...

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  • Typhoon Slingshot

    Typhoon Slingshot

    • 6mm coated steel fork• Moulded handle and folding wrist support• High power rubber band• Deluxe model

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  • Gurkha Knife - DPM

    Gurkha Knife - DPM

    • 1000D Tac-Poly sheath with belt loop• Blade length: 20cm• Overall length: 35cm

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    Mora Robust Knife

    Mora Robust Knife

    The Mora Robust has been given an impact resistant handle with a large geometry that fits perfectly in your hand. The Robust features a more prominent finger guard to optimise safety. The blades have a perfect balance between length and width, which...

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  • Condor Golok Australian Army Machete

    Condor Golok Australian Army Machete

    This is the Condor Golok Australian Army Machete and let's just say what a beautiful machete it is. It's lightweight and it packs a punch so it'll breeze through wood all day long. The handle fits perfectly in your hand and it's a very well...

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    British Army Knife

    British Army Knife

    • British Army style 18cm blade• Comes with 600D Tac-Poly Cordura sheath with belt loop• Weight: 500g• Blade length: 18cm• Overall length: 30cm  

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  • Condor Cloudburst Axe

    Condor Cloudburst Axe

    The lovely Condor Cloudburst Axe is ideal for a multitude of outdoor bushcraft tasks. It does everything that a woodsman needs such as splitting firewood, felling small trees and campfire craft. It comes with a leather sheath and a leather collar to...

  • Mora Garberg - Black Carbon

    Mora Garberg - Black Carbon

    The Mora Garberg - Black Carbon is the type of knife you'd want to move in with to live happily ever after. She's understandably a very popular knife which breezes through the same kind of jobs as something that's double its price.  The Garberg is...

  • Royal Marine Knife

    Royal Marine Knife

    • British Army Royal Marine Commando Style• Full grain leather sheath• Blade length: 17cm• Overall length : 28cm  • Based on the Fairbairn Sykes knife of WW2

  • Mora Companion Carbon Steel Green

    Mora Companion Carbon Steel Green

    The Mora Companion is an excellent knife. It's versatile, ergonomic, solid and sharp, understandably making it Mora's most popular knife for bushcraft and camping. It features a comfortable patterned high-friction grip handle along with a scandi grind...

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