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  • Faraday Privacy Smartphone Pouch

    Faraday Privacy Smartphone Pouch

    Do you own a smartphone but are sick of being tracked and monitored? This is the perfect thing for you. The Disklabs PS1 Phone Shield is a protective pouch that will block signals and prevent any interference. SECURITY - The Disklabs PS1 Phone Shield...

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  • Criminal Identifier Spray

    Criminal Identifier Spray

    • Pocket sized canister that expels a red gel which is impossible to remove from skin or clothes for approximately one week• Non - toxic and non - irritating

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  • Pocket Monocular

    Pocket Monocular

    The Pocket Monocular is a handy companion for all situations. Its multi-coated optics paired with its BaK-4 prism glass delivers bright images and a fantastic 7x magnification. It's very light and compact, and as the name suggests... it fits easily into...