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Survival Kits

  • High Quality Brass Snare - Twin Pack

    High Quality Brass Snare - Twin Pack

    This kit contains 2 high quality survival snare traps. Each snare is made with three twisted brass wires for strength with an adjustable metal eye slip. This is one of the simplest yet most effective survival traps. They're easy to setup and they'll...

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  • Printed Survival Bag

    Printed Survival Bag

    The Printed Survival Bag is a highly visible, heavy duty, full sized poly bag printed with survival instructions/information covering fire making, navigation and shelter. This is an excellent item to keep in your bag for when you're in the hills and...

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  • Commando Wire Saw

    Commando Wire Saw

    BCB's Commando Wire Saw with rings is a very popular, patented product. The tightly woven (8 wire) stainless steel saw offers a good life span and reduced weight.  The original and still the best wire saw available Can be used for escape and...

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    Deluxe First Aid Kit - BTP

    Deluxe First Aid Kit - BTP

    • Specifically designed for rapid medical intervention• Fold out main compartment with secure elastic straps that are designed to fit all current issued medical kit• Made from 600D Tac-Poly• Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 6cmContains:• 1...

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    Survival Kit

    Survival Kit

    • Waterproof plastic case• Contains: survival whistle, fishing line and hooks, compact candle, hunting wire, fire starter, wire saw, sewing kit, razor blade, survival mirror, pencil, matches, accident evaluation sheet, useful survival...

    £14.95 £11.95
  • Fishing Survival Tin

    Fishing Survival Tin

    The Fishing Survival Tin is a handy survival kit. It's cheap and cheerful but the useful contents are high quality. Description on rear of in: "The perfect fishing trip companion, lightweight and compact to fit in your pocket or tackle box practical...

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  • Military Survival Kit

    Military Survival Kit

    BCB's Military Survival Kit is an upgraded version of the very popular BCB - Combat Survival Tin. Gain a good understanding of what's in this tin and then keep it in your woodland grab bag for when you need it. It contains a lot of useful items that'll...

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    7 in 1 Whistle

    7 in 1 Whistle

    • Incorporates whistle, compass, waterproof storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer and LED light and mirror

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  • 72 Hour Home Survival Kit

    72 Hour Home Survival Kit

    This is BCB's 72 Hour Home Survival Kit. It's consists of specialised survival kit designed to give you peace of mind when a crisis occurs. Contents: Bucket FireDragon folding cooker Firedragon gel - 6 solid fuel blocks 2” mayday signal...

  • BCB Survival System - Waterproof Pouch

    BCB Survival System - Waterproof Pouch

    The BCB Survival System is kept in a waterproof florescent orange pouch. Contents: Wire saw Map reading compass Distress whistle Signal mirror Tommy cooker c/w refill Mini folding knife Brass wires (snare) Small pencil A4 waterproof paper Matches 10 x...

  • Survival System Kit - Woodland Belt Pouch

    Survival System Kit - Woodland Belt Pouch

    BCB's Survival System Kit is a high quality kit supplied in a robust DPM Woodland belt pouch. NATO approved. Contents: Button compass Blade Matches x 10 Water tablets x 10 Snare wire Candle Flint & striker Distress whistle Sewing kit Safety...

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  • NATO Liferaft Fishing Kit

    NATO Liferaft Fishing Kit

    The NATO Life raft Fishing Kit is designed to a military specification for use by any NATO Forces at sea or in the wilderness. A high quality Fishing Kit - suitable for the sea or freshwater fishing situations. Contents: 30m olive green fishing line Fly...

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  • Jedburgh Pathfinder Survival Kit

    Jedburgh Pathfinder Survival Kit

    The Jedburgh Pathfinder Survival Kit gets its name from the Code name for teams of three parachuted into Occupied Europe (primarily France, but also Holland and Belgium) beginning on D-Day (June 6, 1944) to aid local Resistance groups. The men consisted...

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    Family Isolation Pack

    Family Isolation Pack

    Keep this pack all contained within the sealed 5 litre container in a designated place in your home so it is ready for immediate use. Content 6 x 3-ply Masks 2 x 250ml Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 x Water Purification Tablets (50pcs) 8 x Gloves 20 x Antiseptic...

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  • Ration Heating Kit - Flat Cooker

    Ration Heating Kit - Flat Cooker

    Compact Ration Heating Kit containing everything required to easily heat food rations while in the field. No tools required. This kit includes a cooker with three FireDragon eco fuel tablets, which are sufficient to heat three meals, plus matches and...

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  • Veg Seed Kit (X15 seed packs)

    Veg Seed Kit (X15 seed packs)

    Veg Patch Seed Kit Includes 15 Premium Non-Gmo Seed Varieties: Carrot 750 Seeds; Cabbage 250 Seeds; Broccoli 250 Seeds; Beetroot 140 Seeds; Spinach 125 Seeds; Pepper 25 Seeds; Tomato 25 Seeds; Cucumber 20 Seeds; Spring Onion 175 Seeds; Parsley...

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  • Grow Your Own Survival Seed Kit

    Grow Your Own Survival Seed Kit

    Survival Seed Bank Survival Kit Includes 25 Premium Non-Gmo Seed Varieties: Carrots 750 Seeds; Cabbage 250 Seeds; Broccoli 250 Seeds; Tomato 25 Seeds; Cucumber 20 Seeds; Celery 50 Seeds; Beetroot 140 Seeds; Chilli 30 Seeds; Lettuce 500 Seeds; Rocket 250...

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  • Ganzo G740 Folding Pocket Knife - Green

    Ganzo G740 Folding Pocket Knife - Green

    IMPORTANT As of 6th April 2022, if you have bought an age restricted item such as a knife or an axe, your delivery driver will require you to show ID as proof of age as per The Offensive Weapon Act 2019. This is much to our disappointment but we have...

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  • Disaster Grab Bag / Go Bag

    Disaster Grab Bag / Go Bag

    If you live in or close to a disaster zone, then when the time comes you may need to grab some essentials and evacuate. BCB have developed their 'Disaster Grab Bag' with that in mind. It contains everything you need to give you and your family the very...

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  • Prepper's Pack Survival Kit

    Prepper's Pack Survival Kit

    The Prepper's Pack Survival Kit is a 21 piece kit containing essential Prepper's survival items - all packed inside a large 500D nylon pouch with a water resistant zip to keep your gear protected. The pouch opens up to multiple foldout compartments which...

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