Mora Robust Knife


Mora Robust Knife

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As of 6th April 2022, if you have bought an age restricted item such as a knife or an axe, your delivery driver will require you to show ID as proof of age as per The Offensive Weapon Act 2019. This is much to our disappointment but we have had to add an extra delivery charge to these items.

The Mora Robust has been given an impact resistant handle with a large geometry that fits perfectly in your hand. The Robust features a more prominent finger guard to optimise safety. The blades have a perfect balance between length and width, which gives an improved experience when using the knife. The carefully chosen knife steel is hardened in Mora, Sweden according to 'a secret recipe'. The robust handle and the 27° edge angle give it maximum edge resiliency, making it the perfect knife for bushcraft and camping. The blade is extra thick (3.2 mm) to be able to withstand all kinds of pressure and it’s made of carbon steel.

Mora knives are a popular choice for a variety of disciplines such as bushcraft, wood carving, fishing, hunting and labouring.

Mora or Morakniv originated in Östnor, Mora, Sweden where they have been crafting knives since 1891. Mora say:

"Once they were made in every home by local craftsmen who passed down their skills from generation to generation. Today those skills are all under one roof and no matter who you talk to in our factory they can all tell a family story in which knife manufacture plays a central part!"

Handle Material: Rubber

Blade Material: Carbon steel

Blade Thickness: 3.2mm

Blade Length: 91mm

Total Length: 206mm

Net Weight: 140g