Swiza D06 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool
Swiza D06 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool
Swiza D06 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool
Swiza D06 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool


Swiza D06 Swiss Army Pocket Knife Multi-Tool

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As of 6th April 2022, if you have bought an age restricted item such as a knife or an axe, your delivery driver will require you to show ID as proof of age as per The Offensive Weapon Act 2019. This is much to our disappointment but we have had to add an extra delivery charge to these items.

The Swiza D06 is a well designed multi-tool knife inspired by classic Swiss army knives. This knife is very ergononomic making it great to use for longer periods of time. The knife automatically locks out and you unlock it by pressing down the logo on the handle.

At only 106g this is the perfect knife for taking on a hike.

All Swiza knives are made in the Jura Mountain region of Switzerland.

Swiza D06 Tools

Knife: The blade is made from 440 stainless steel that is hardened up to a rockwell-hardness of 57. The knife is easy to unfold and locks out for ease of use. 

Saw: This is a good little saw that's been designed to be thicker around the saw blade so that it doesn't get caught the wood as easily.

Tin Opener: In addition to opening tins, this is also a flat head screwdriver.

Bottle Opener: At the base of this bottle opener there's a small cut-out which is used as a wire bender. The head of the bottle opener is also a different sized flat head screwdriver to the one on the tin opener. 

Punch/Awl: The awl has a one-sided grind and can be used to mark metal or wood. It also features a sewing eye.

Philips Screwdriver: Easy to use with the ergonomic design of this multi-tool.

Tweezers: These tweezers are ideal for fine tasks like removing spelks / splinters.


Size: 95 mm
Weight: 106g
Design: Revolutionary 360° ergonomic knife design. Blade and tools feature a finger grip slot for easy left or right hand opening.
Material: Compact steel plate construction with extra solid 440 stainless steel blade, 57 HRc.
Finishing: Machine-polished metallic surfaces.
Handle: Durable and comfortable scratch resistant, soft-touch handle.
Safety: Blade with safety lock to prevent from closing when working. The blade can be unlocked by pressing the SWIZA cross.
Dishwasher proof: Can be cleaned in the dishwasher (up to 80°C/176°F). After cleaning, put a drop of oil between the moving parts.